COVID-19 Re-opening Updates

June 8, 2021

Latest Updates Regarding Rockwell Osteopathy

Good News! Rockwell Osteopathy is officially back open for business!

We are thrilled to be back in the office and accepting booking again.If you are in need of an appointment please see the online booking from the HOME page or call us at 416-992-1586. You can also send us a contact form message with any questions or concerns.

Thank you all so much for your patience and loyalty throughout the past year and a half.  We are so happy to see you all back in the clinic!

Read the below Health and Safety Precautions to learn how we are keeping you safe and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Re-Opening Health and Safety Precautions

1) Practitioners will be wearing masks and goggles/face shields at all times during your treatment and changing those masks every 2 hours for your safety.

2) The office will be disinfected between each patient and there will be extra time given for this and for patients to come and go without crossing the path of the next patient

3) During nice weather patients will wait outside until their designated appointment time.  Anyone with that patient who is not receiving treatment will have to wait outside or in their vehicle unless absolutely necessary or weather is not appropriate.  Please avoid bringing family, friends and children to your appointments whenever possible to reduce exposure and increase safety for everyone.

4)Patients will bring and wear their own mask either cloth or surgical.  If you do not have a mask one will be provided for you before entering for your treatment. If you are medically unable to wear the mask, the practitioner will wear an N95 mask and a face shield for everyone's safety.  Exceptions need to be approved and advised with each practitioner before you arrive for your appointment.

5)Each patient and practitioner will complete the COVID-19 screening survey before coming to each and every appointment at least for the time being until restrictions are lifted by the Ministry of Health.

6)If  patients or practitioners are feeling unwell for any reason, particularly with cough or fever, vomiting, or difficulty breathing, they will not be permitted to come for their appointment or treat patients if it is the practitioner themselves.  You will be advised to get the COVID-19 test and consult your doctor for clearance before you may come in for treatment.

7) Proper hand hygiene should be followed by all patients and practitioners and patients will be asked to wipe handles and anything touched if they require the restroom before or after treatment.  Lysol wipes will be provided as will hand sanitizer and hand soap.

8)Socks will be provided for those who do not wear them even in summer weather, as shoes will be required to stay in the waiting area to reduce contamination.

9) Initial appointments will require their initial screening to be done over the phone prior to coming into the office and will be contacted likely the day before up to 2 hours before at the latest.

10) Cash will no longer be accepted for the time being, and tap payment is encouraged instead or e-transfer payments

I thank you all so very much for your understanding in all of these changes.  I assure you the quality of care will not be compromised and any suggestions will be welcome for procedures as we navigate this "new normal" together.