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COVID-19 Closure Updates

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic all non-essential businesses including Rockwell Osteopathy are now closed until further notice from the WHO, CDC and Federal and Provincial government recommendations.  Unfortunately, because of the nature of a pandemic, I am unable to give a date of re-opening at this time.  I can assure you all that I will be contacting patients as their appointments get closer on a one-on-one basis as the date of re-opening gets pushed back.  Right now my best guess is that we are looking at early May to June but there is no way to know at this time.

For those patients and new patients who would like to speak to me about any health issues they are experiencing that I may be able to help with please reach out via my email at or text me at 416-992-1586 and I can get back to you with my best recommendations.

I will be posting some helpful videos on exercises and things you can do for body discomfort and pain you may be experiencing on my website and most frequently on my Facebook Business page at Rockwell Osteopathy.  Please follow me on Rockwell Osteopathy FB to see the latest updates and video tips!

As per the top medical recommendations please practice the following:

1) Wash your hands for 20 seconds under warm water (not hot) any time you leave the house or handle packages, groceries, come home from work etc.

2)Wash your hands frequently during your day even if you are self-isolating

3)If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness please use the 811 or 311 number to speak with a qualified nurse so they can ask you screening questions before you go in to a medical facility.  If you do not qualify for testing but are still quite ill and are not getting better, please be aware that there are many doctors and nurses doing telehealth appointments via phone call or video call.  They can do their best to diagnose and fax prescriptions to your pharmacy.  The pharmacies are doing free delivery in most cities at the moment so please if you are ill, have your medications delivered if at all possible and if not, send someone who is not ill to pick it up for you and drop it on your porch.  If you have no one that can help you with this, I will be glad to assist!

4)Please consider ordering groceries and supplies online for pick up or delivery to your doorstep.

5)Rotate family members to get groceries for several families at once if online ordering is not possible, this way there is limited exposure.

6)If you are immuno-compromised ie. pregnant, over 80 years old, heart or lung conditions, cancer, recovered cancer patient, any auto-immune conditions or any other underlying health concern, please do not go to the stores.  If you have no one to help you obtain things you need, please contact me and I will help you get in touch with the right people who can help you.

7)Please eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables daily and limit your sugar and take-out as much as possible.  It is also advised to keep up a daily walking or home workout routine.  Go outside once a day to get fresh air and exercise and vitamin D.  Please do not go walking with your friends and family unless you are living under the same roof.  Please keep a distance of 6ft or 2m between you and anyone you encounter. 

8)If you receive packages or deliveries please bring them inside remove the packaging and dispose of it outside the home, wipe down any surfaces it touched and wash your hands immediately.

9)It is very important to not touch your face if you are out of the home or handling packages as this is how the virus spreads.

10) Lastly, if you need some human contact please don't hesitate to make an appointment with me for a video chat any time over a cup of tea!