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Please read through some of the most commonly asked questions regarding osteopathic treatment and what you can expect at your appointment.  If you have any questions that are not answered below feel free to send us a message.

  • How long is my appointment?
    An initial assessment is between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length. There is discussion of your health history and reasons you decided to make and appointment. This is also the time for you to ask any questions.
  • Why is treatment so short some visits and longer other times?
    Manual osteopathic treatment is not a time based therapy. We book our day in time blocks because there is a typical amount of time we usually spend with a patient. However, we only treat what we find that day, and every time you come in we need to see what has changed and adjust our thought process. The first few treatments may be longer as we get to know you and do more general treatment. As you progress and improve, we start to make smaller more impactful changes and your body can only handle a certain amount of treatment each time. We are highly trained in how to recognize when we are finished for that session.
  • What exactly are you doing? What can I expect during treatmet?
    Firstly, treatments are always fully clothed so please wear stretchy or moveable clothing that you are comfortable in. We prefer if you have socks and t-shirts. Ladies, please avoid spaghetti strap tops or very low cut tops as well as skirts and short shorts. Secondly, treatment is sometimes very gentle and you may feel like nothing happened, but I guarantee you will feel the difference over the course of 4-5 days. Each person responds individually to treatment, and we are making great anatomical and physiological changes, some of which you will notice and some you will not. Third, this is NOT A MASSAGE. I cannot stress enough that as an OMP I am trained in biomechanics and motion of the ENTIRE body system and it's interaction and reactions to various movements etc. I am not strictly doing muscle techniques to relax you, and sometimes you do not feel relaxed or wonderful after treatment. The number one goal of an osteopathic treatment is to help your body help itself. I bring motion back in joints, open vascular pathways for drainage and healing, and use the muscles to help me change the orientation of certain boney interactions, and I most definitely affect the nervous system. If you are curious about your own specific treatment ask questions, because what happens at your treatment may not be at all what your friend needs and so on.
  • What can I do after my treatment to heal faster?
    NOTHING! Well, almost nothing. Please listen to our instructions at the end of the treatment and follow them EXACTLY. We do not prescribe exercises or stretches because what I am doing for you is not something you can do for yourself. Please avoid heavy weight lifting and extensive workout sessions right after treatment up to 48 hours after. Please drink a lot of water including lemon water for electrolytes and if you are sleepy, take a nap! Your body, especially in the beginning may feel good but tired, because it is wanting to do some healing for you. I cannot stress this last point enough. PLEASE INFORM YOUR PRACTITIONER OF ANY OTHER THERAPY APPOINTMENTS AT YOUR SESSION! Generally you do NOT want to see any other manual therapy such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy etc immediately or within 7 days of seeing an osteopathic practitioner. The reason is you will be very much over treated and your body has not healed from our treatment so if you get more treatment we cannot know how you are progressing next time we see you. This is not to say you cannot ever see another modality, most patients do. However, out of respect for your body and for our efforts, please consult with us as to when and how much of another modality you can do. For example, many patients will have osteopathic treatment in conjunction with relaxation massage but do the massage on off weeks to the Osteopathic therapy so they are not being over-treated. For more information about what you specifically should do, please ask at your first appointment. Full disclosure of your health history is VERY important.
  • Is Osteopathic Manual Therapy covered by my extended health care benefits?
    The answer is YES! If you currently have extended health care benefits and have coverage for osteopathic manual therapy, ask for a receipt and all the information you need to submit to your insurance is on that receipt. For more information about whether or not your policy covers osteopathic care, please call your insurance provider or your employer for more details.
  • Can I come in for treatment if I am not vaccinated?
    Yes! Rockwell Osteopathy DOES NOT turn away ANY patient for ANY reason. Due to current COVID restrictions, alternative locations or arrangements may have to be made if you are unvaccinated coming into the BRACEBRIDGE office. However, please do not hesitate to contact me about this issue, I am happy to accommodate and answer any questions regarding vaccination and COVID restrictions.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Please wear moveable clothing. Socks are appreciated, t-shirts or long sleeves are great as I do work in the arm pit area and tank tops can get tricky. Please do not wear skirts. Hoods are also difficult for me to work with just wear a t-shirt underneath your hooded sweatshirts. Jeans and regular shirts are fine as long as you can move your limbs comfortably in them. When you arrive please leave shoes at the front door to limit sand in the office. Thank you!
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