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Jaclyn Rockwell



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Classical Osteopathy was first discovered and practiced, by Dr. A.T. Still, an American doctor in the midwest in the late 1800's.  It was the only profession at the time treating the root cause of the disease and for the most part not using any drugs or pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Still believed that nature was our best medicine and that the body had everything it needed to heal, but that sometimes it needed a little help.

My love of osteopathy started at the end of my competitive rowing years.  I played many sports and asked a lot from my body both  physically and mentally.  Eventually my digestive issues led me to learn more about holistic ways of applying nutrition and supplements to my life.  From here I realized my real passion is in manual therapy; helping people resolve physical challenges as well as physiological.  From the time I received my own first osteopathic treatment, I was hooked!  I immediately enrolled in the CAO and am now able to bring my knowledge of the human body to the public in the most meaningful way. I will forever be fascinated with the complicated beauty and precision that is the human body, and how it is so very capable of healing with just a little bit of extra care.

I have recently added Prenatal, Postnatal and Newborn/Infant and Pediatric Osteopathic Care to my list of treatments.  It is so important that we set up our young ones for success in health and life.  Check out the Pediatric Osteopathy page here for more information as to how I can help your new baby, child, teen, or yourself.

Osteopathy is a holistic profession, and we help people in a gentle, manageable way that is arguably best experienced than described.  If you aren't sure osteopathy is for you, simply request a consultation or email any questions in the contact form provided. My credentials are as follows:

  • B.A. Hons - University of Toronto

  • R.H.N. (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)- Canadian College of Natural Nutrition

  • M.OMSc (Masters in practice of Osteopathic Manual Sciences)- Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

Contact Information:

You can book with Jaclyn via our online booking system Here

You can also contact her directly at the following:

Phone: 705-204-1586


Through the contact form at the bottom of any page

Serene Pierce had been a birth and postpartum doula for several years before she was introduced to reflexology and Reiki within the lens of reproductive and maternal wellness. While her heart is in supporting those who are in their reproductive journeys, through fertility, prenatal, postpartum, end of pregnancy/loss all the way through to peri/menopause she is thrilled to welcome anyone to book. Her intention while holding this space for you is to provide some rest and relaxation. An hour of pause, for renewal and rejuvenation, to be tended to, so you may step back into the world with a little more lightness and ease moving forward.


  • Holistic Reproductive Practitioner ~ 2019-2021

  • By the Moon Including reflexology certification (2021) 

  • Usui Reiki Level II (2020)

  • Fertility, full spectrum doula and reproductive wellness practitioner

Contact Information:

You can book with Serene via our online booking system Here

You can also contact her directly at the following:

Phone: 604-655-1712


Through the contact form at the bottom of any page




Eva is a new member of Rockwell Osteopathy. She is here to answer any inquires for clients or potential clients regarding our clinics services, scheduling, and more. Her goal is to make the process of booking appointments go smoothly for clients and allow clients to be informed of our services. 

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