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Osteopathic Appointments with Jaclyn Rockwell

Initial Appointment

During an initial appointment a detailed health history will be taken and discussed. Jaclyn will do a complete assessment and general treatment.  It is recommended that each new patient come back for their first follow up treatment 1 week later so the practitioner can evaluate how the patient responded to the first treatment and can continue with their individual plan.

45-60 minutes

Cost: $120 + HST

30 Minutes

Cost: $80 + HST

Pediatric and Pre/Post-Natal Osteopathic Treatment

These appointments are for anyone trying to conceive (both mom and dad), and for moms in their second and third trimester as well as after 6 weeks postpartum and on. Newborn babies as well as kids of all ages up to 12 years old are also in need to maintenance, adjustments, and preventative care to give them the best start to life! Please read more about pediatric, maternity, and paternity care here.


Reflexology involves using massage-like movements and the application of firm pressure on specific points on the soles of the feet. This can provide healing to every gland, organ and system as they relate to your whole body.


The feet are first cleansed with witch hazel, followed by the application of a light, unscented oil to facilitate the work. While there may be some tenderness in relevant areas specific to you, the intention is to release any tension or blockages as gently as possible while still maintaining a state of relaxation.


Many benefits may be felt during a reflexology session, while other effects may be noticed for days following treatment.


Spa Sessions

You will be welcomed into your session with spa melodies, an herbal foot soak and a choice of herbal tea. When ready, you will be well supported into transitioning into a comfortable position where you will be offered a castor oil pack. Warm castor oil and a hot water bottle will be placed over your womb or your liver for healing, detoxification, and improved circulation. Once comfortable, an eye pillow, (choice of lavender scented or unscented flax seed) will be placed over your eyes and you will drift into bliss within the most well supported, nourishing reflexology and lower leg massage for your whole being.




Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that is based on healing and balancing the life energy that flows through each of us. It can be a wonderful way of clearing out old, stagnant energy, soothing your nervous system, surrendering and releasing fear and uncertainties while supporting your body, mind and spirit.



Bliss Combo

A truly holistic experience. A full reflexology session followed by a half an hour of Reiki.

Full Moon Package 4 sessions of Reflexology or Reiki $300 + hst
Full moon packages are perfect for a month of weekly dedication to yourself, or as a collective gift for someone who may be going through a tender transitional time. (For example - fertility, the final month of pregnancy, the first month of postpartum, an unexpected end of pregnancy, etc).

Meet and Greet

This appointment is designed to allow you to meet your practitioner, ask any questions you may have regarding osteopathy and how it might help you.  There is no treatment involved in this session, but there may be assessment and discussion of your medical history if you choose to discuss it.

15 Minutes

Cost: FREE

60 Minutes

Cost: $85 + HST

75 Minutes


Cost:$115 + HST 

60 Minutes 

Cost:$85 + HST

90 Minutes

Cost:$120 + HST

Reflexology & Reiki with Serene Pierce

Follow Up Appointment

Follow Up appointments are standard appointments after your initial visit.  These appointments are shorter in length, more to the point and a continuation of your treatment plan.  Each time you come to your appointment, you will be treated at the practitioner's discretion. 

Infant and pediatric initial and follow up: 30 Minutes

Cost: $50 + HST

Adult Appointments:

See initial and follow up appointments above

In-Flow Therapies with Trinity Core

Flow Massage

A 60 or 90 Minute Intuitive Massage working along the body's meridians and acupressure points. It has been designed to ease stress and tension from the body, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.

Reiki/Integrated Therapy Session

As a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui and Karuna Traditions for over 20 years and a Shamanic Practitioner whom began my Shamanic training over 25 years ago I have combined these powerful therapies and developed an Intuitive Integrated Energy Therapy Modality. This treatment is gentle yet powerful and will leave you feeling as though you have been wrapped in a blanket of warm sunshine.  

Energy Massage

This treatment balances and aligns the energy body with the physical body. It is a combination of the Flow Massage and Integrative Energy Sessions. Bringing Balance and Harmony to Body, Mind and Spirit. This Session offers a soul nurturing deep relaxation and physical release from stress and tension. 

Ayurvedic Massage

This Ayurvedic practice provides many physical benefits such as released muscle tension, lymphatic drainage & more nourished skin. It stands out from other treatments due to it's focus on calming and balancing along with tissue manipulation rather than just focusing on the underlying muscles. From the oils used to the circulation stimulating movements it's a deeply relaxing massage for your whole being. This luxurious treatment leaves you soothed & nourished from head to toe.

Indian Head Massage & Integrative Therapy
 Relax into a soothing energy treatment beginning with an Indian Head Massage. This is an  intuitive treatment designed to release negative energy and facilitate the release of stored tension. This session will  gently remove blockages, provide clarity, restore your vibrational frequencies, and balance the Chakras. 

Indian Head Massage
This Head and Neck Treatment is capable of releasing the entire body's stored tension. The focus on the Marma points in the head and neck used in Ayurvedic Medicine calms and balances the parasympathetic system which facilitates deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. 

Heaven & Earth
This treatment begins with a Foot soak to relieve tired feet and release toxins followed by a Reflexology Treatment and Indian Head Massage. 

Holistic Facial
A 100% Organic Facial to Cleanse, Smooth Brighten and Enliven Skin. This treatment will leave you refreshed and Luminous.  

60 Minutes 
Cost: $100

90 Minutes
Cost: $145

60-75 Minutes
Cost: $90

90 Minutes
Cost: $125

90 Minutes
Cost: $150

75 Minutes
Cost: $125

30 Minutes
Cost: $65

75 Minutes
Cost: $115

60 Minutes
Cost: $115

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