Initial Appointment

During an initial appointment a detailed health history will be taken and discussed. The practitioner will do a complete assessment and general treatment.  It is recommended that each new patient come back for their first follow up treatment 1 week later so the practitioner can evaluate how the patient responded to the first treatment and can continue with their individual plan.

Appointment length:

45-60 minutes

Cost: $110 + HST

Follow Up Appointment

Follow Up appointments are standard appointments after your initial visit.  These appointments are shorter in length, more to the point and a continuation of your treatment plan.  Each time you come to your appointment, you will be treated at the practitioner's discretion. 

Appointment length:

30 Minutes

Cost: $75 + HST

Pediatric and Pre/Post-Natal Osteopathic Treatment

These appointments are for anyone trying to conceive (both mom and dad), and for moms in their second and third trimester as well as after 6 weeks postpartum and on. Newborn babies as well as kids of all ages up to 12 years old are also in need to maintenance, adjustments, and preventative care to give them the best start to life! Please read more about pediatric, maternity, and paternity care here.



Infant and pediatric initial and follow up: 30 Minutes

Cost: $45 + HST

Adult Appointments:

See initial and follow up appointments above

Meet and Greet

This appointment is designed to allow you to meet your practitioner, ask any questions you may have regarding osteopathy and how it might help you.  There is no treatment involved in this session, but there may be assessment and discussion of your medical history if you choose to discuss it.

Appointment Length:

15 Minutes

Cost: FREE